Come and experience the joy of training your horse in a natural, spiritually-based, imaginative, safe and fun way using Buddhist Principles with Natural Horsemanship techniques, in the gorgeous  peace and quiet of Buccan in Brisbane…my students are even taught to train blind-folded in order to develop feel and balance! We have video evidence!…They are encouraged and inspired to think outside the box at all times…

Challenge what you think you know – and what you have been conditioned to believe for years…

Horsemanship Clinic at Whispering Hooves

Where: Whispering Hooves @ Buccan (between Waterford & Logan Village)
Date: Saturday 26th September 2015
Time: 8.30am – 3pm
Cost: $100.00 per horse (limited numbers)
$30.00 per fence sitter
Inquiries to: Elke Meyer — (0420) 621 744

Eventbrite - Whispering Hooves Natural Horsemanship Clinic

I DO NOT train your horse for you…You will learn to do it yourself, while gaining knowledge, insight, empowerment, balance, confidence, timing, feel, trust, respect and compassion…you will be taken on a very special journey of self-discovery with your horse in a fun-filled and natural environment…my students and I regularly go for rides through the gorgeous and challenging Buccan Environmental Reserve to test out their new-found freedom with their four-legged friends…

At Whispering Hooves we have a range of special four-legged friends accustomed to challenging and desensitising your horse — our gorgeous dogs Zen and Echo, our very friendly miniature pigs Hugo and Yogi, and our horse loving goats Nutmeg and Milo…this team have helped many horses overcome their fear of external stimuli, and will delight you with their antics…we also have a wonderful dam for those horses who may be “water-challenged”, and lots of great hills for reversing up!

Enjoy your individual journey as you discover a new level of understanding , knowledge and insight with your four-legged friend…

Available for you:

  • Private lessons with your horse or mine
  • Group Lessons
  • Clinics
  • Fuss-free Float Loading
  • Specialising in severe behavioural issues, problem solving, and young horse starting
  • Pre-purchase horse behavioural and temperament assessments

Feel free to contact me for any further information, or come along and watch a lesson…

Stay tuned for updates on the website about our upcoming clinics on “Back to Basics:” and “Fuss Free Float Loading”!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Ron from Quick Solve Computers @ Beenleigh…without his friendship, patience and expertise this site would never have been possible…

MM Did You Know?

That bits, no matter how gentle, cause irreparable damage to a horses soft palate?